Unique Landmark


Nour Shamala. Sagrada Familia. Infographic poster.

Nour Shamala. Sagrada Familia. Infographic poster and book.

Ana Paula Gutierrez. Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba. Infographic poster

Ana Paula Gutierrez. Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba. Book.

Duration: 5 weeks
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Bookmark Project

Project Brief

The story behind a unique landmark can be told in different ways. Students will select and research on a specific landmark, gather facts, names, dates, locations, and match those findings with possible visual devices. As an example: the Eiffel Tower was built in 2 years, 2 months and 5 days. The visualization could be a timeline.
By combining multiple visualizations, students will create a data-driven story about the selected landmark. That visual story will be adapted to three different mediums: an infographic poster, a book and a slide presentation.

Learning Objectives

By working on this project students understand what type of information they find about their subject. They learn to transform that information into infographic devices as diagrams, maps and charts. Students learn to create a data-driven story and adapt it to different mediums as posters, books and screens.


One Infographic poster.
One Book/Booklet.
One Slide presentation.


Infographic Design: Visual Storytelling with Information and Data. Nigel Holmes. (2021)
The Book of Trees: Visualizing the Branches of Knowledge. Manuel Lima. Princeton Architectural Press. (2014)
Thoughts On Designing Information. Inge Gobert. (2015)
Financial Times Visual Vocabulary. https://github.com/Financial-Times/chart-doctor/tree/main/visual-vocabulary#readme


The part that took the most time was designing the infographic poster. Lima\'s \'The Book of Trees\' is a helpful tool to learn about layout to have the correct hierarchy for each element and how to help the audience to read the story. 
Some students ran out of time and submitted very similar files for the book and the slide presentation. This part of the project, needs revision. 

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