Community Guidelines

The Design Teaching Resource is a platform for design educators to interact genuinely with one another. To maintain the quality of these interactions, DTR administrators will remove accounts that engage in behavior that undermines the authenticity of our community, including accounts that are fake, accounts that impersonate other people or entities, or accounts that post false employment information. The following guidelines should be followed by all users of the DTR:

Only upload Projects and Images of student work from classes you have taught.

The Design Teaching Resource is a platform for educators to share classroom assignments.
—Don’t post other educators’ Projects.
—Don’t take credit for other educators’ Projects.
—Don’t post images unrelated to your Project.
—Don’t upload Projects that were not completed in the classroom. This includes speculative projects that weren’t presented in a classroom setting.
—Don’t upload Projects related to non-creative services or products that you might be selling.
—Students should not post their own work on the Design Teaching Resource.
—Don’t post copyrighted or trademarked content.

Do not post inappropriate content.

Please don’t post Content that is illegal, pornographic, gratuitously or overly sexual, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive, shockingly graphic, grotesque, or obscene, or inflammatory (e.g. name-calling, preaching, ranting, stirring up controversy, or venting frustrations) If you post inappropriate content, it may be removed by AIGA per our Terms of Use. AIGA has final say over whether content is appropriate. If you repost content that has been removed or continue to post content that violates these guidelines your account may be suspended or removed. If you notice an AIGA member posting inappropriate content, please contact us at

Don’t spam other educators.

The Design Teaching Resource stores your email address and, if you choose, your LinkedIn contact information. Do not use this resource to spam educators. Do not share email addresses with third party users (AIGA won’t either). If you’re found to be spamming other DTR members, your account may be suspended or removed.

Give due credit.

Don’t present other educators’ Projects as your own or overstate your own role in creating something. Be sure to give appropriate credit to all student work posted in a Project. Don’t use other people’s trademarks without permission.

If your own assignments are inspired by Projects on the Teaching Resource, please be sure to give credit. You can do this by mentioning the DTR user on your assignment sheet, on a Project you post on the DTR or by contacting the educator via email. If you’re the owner of a Project that has been posted on the DTR without your consent, please contact the user directly to resolve the conflict. If you aren’t sure whether your use of someone else’s content or trademark in your own work is legal, you can consult publicly available reference materials at the U.S. Copyright Office website, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website, or talk to an intellectual property attorney. If you have a dispute with a user about Content they have uploaded to the Design Teaching Resource, please click the “send email” button on that user’s profile and resolve the issue with them directly. We can’t moderate disputes between DTR users.

Failure to follow these Guidelines will result in your access being suspended or your profile being removed from the system.