Rebecca Tegtmeyer

Educator photo

Rebecca Tegtmeyer is a graphic design educator and practitioner. Through her active research, writing, making, and teaching agenda she investigates the role of a designer and the creative process through a variety of forms—from static to dynamic, time-based to print. Working both individually and collaboratively she approaches design as a catalyst in facilitating systems that challenge and inspire—further extending the capabilities and responsibilities of a designer in today’s complex world. Current research projects focus on collaboration from a variety of perspectives from collaboration practices in design education to investigating the tools and processes for remote collaborative making. Rebecca is co-author and co-editor of the title, Collaboration in Design Education, with Marty Maxwell Lane published by Bloomsbury Academic in Spring 2020. Rebecca is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at Michigan State University and contributes to both the BFA in Graphic Design and BA in Experience Architecture degree programs. Rebecca has presented her research at several international and national conferences and is a three-time alumni of DesignInquiry, a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings. She has been an active member of the organizing committee for MODE (Motion Design Education) Summit and is currently a member of the AIGA Design Educators Community (DEC) Steering Committee. Rebecca holds a BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas and a Master of Graphic Design (MGD) from NC State University College of Design.