Water Conservation Mobile Web App


Alix Bravo + Hannah Vine

Emily Cincebeaux + Elizabeth Cortes

Andrew Lott + Logan Missner

Megan Miles + Mary Trujillo

Megan Miles + Mary Trujillo

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Duration: 15 weeks
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Project Brief

Collaborating with a partner, design and produce a functional prototype for a responsive mobile web application. The app should motivate users to make a positive behavioral change and achieve water conservation goals. 

Learning Objectives

Learn to develop a strategy and content; motivate behavior change; design a responsive interface for a positive user experience; develop JavaScript code to make user interactions and transitions of the prototype functional.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript code files.


Mat Marquis, JavaScript for Web Designers

Jason Pamental, Responsive Typography

Jason Santa Maria, On Web Typography

Luke Wroblewski, Mobile First


This was a lot of new material to cover in a single course. 

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