Editorial Infographics


Rozlynn Olivas / Arena / Desert at El Paso, Tx.

Ana Wong San Martin / NaV-R-OH! / Cruising through the Heart of Downtown.

Regina De Alba / Before Noon / Breakfast Taco Route in San Antonio, Tx.

Daelyn Herrera / Over Yonder / Boerne Tx.

Duration: 6 weeks
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Project Brief

Student will select and research on a memorable street, a famous route or neighborhood. Students will define the community values of the selected location to develop a design concept. Research will serve as content for a large-scale publication (newsletter) combining text, images and an infographic as central spread.

Learning Objectives

By working on this project students understand types of information. Learn to transform information into infographic devices as diagrams, maps and charts. Students learn to create a data-driven story and adapt it to alternative mediums as posters, books and screens.


  1. Printed Newsletter.
  2. Infographic Poster. (Central spread)
  3. Style Guide.


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Thoughts On Designing Information. Inge Gobert. (2015)
Financial Times Visual Vocabulary https://github.com/Financial-Times/chart-doctor/blob/main/visual-vocabulary/README.md


The main challenge of this project is to cover two different areas of study at the same time: Editorial Design Systems and Data visualizations.  

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