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Tam Hoang | Terra | Branding & Responsive website design | Virginia Tech

Adam Caporuscio | Prime Cuts co. | Branding & Responsive website design | Virginia Tech

Izzy Cruz | Red Tail Supply co. | Branding & Responsive website design | Virginia Tech

Sydney Haddon | Sapling | Branding & Responsive website design | Virginia Tech

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Project Brief

E-Commerce websites (online retail platforms) have become some of the most visited sites on the internet as their marketplace promotes business and its initiatives, sells product, and have customer loyalty programs that engage and acquire its customers.

For this assignment, students are tasked in designing and developing a three-page, responsive e-commerce site for a fictional company. Pages include both desktop and mobile versions of the sites primary index page (listing the company\'s inventory), a product page, and a customer dashboard/loyalty page. 

Learning Objectives

Students will building on their interactive and programming experience by:
+ Create a website that responds to desktop and mobile devices
+ Create an original brand language, for a fictional company, and apply it throughout a site.
+ Create designs that enhance the online shopping experience for users.


Students will design their websites in Figma, and program them based on methods discussed in class. A compressed folder will be emailed to instructor to show evidence of their programming ability, and upload the style guide and visuals to Behance. 


HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett
Java & JavaScript by Jon Duckett


This assignment was initially taught in the Fall 2019 semester to a group of \"advanced\" interaction & web design students who had prior knowledge and experience working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Figma. The assignment required a lot of the students within a five-week window that included branding, interface design, and development, but I was insanely impressed with the final results.

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