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Duration: 3 days
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Project Brief

With the release of iOS 15, Apple prioritized widgets, which are low-memory extensions of mobile apps that present the primary, secondary, or tertiary priorities at a glance. For this assignment, students were tasked to design small, medium, and large widgets for an app that doesn't have one. Students first identify the levels of priority for their selected app, then design three different layouts based on Apple's (very loose) guidelines

Learning Objectives

This is the third exercise in the "UxD for Non-Majors" summer course, and previous exercises and assignments have introduced the iOS anatomy, typography for mobile design, and have worked with Figma for the past eight class periods. This assignment\\\\\\\'s objectives include:

  • Identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary priorities for a selected app
  • Reimagine the layout and presentation of those priorities in three different dimensions (small, medium, large)
  • Design within Apple's requirements 
  • Have a balance between vector, photography, and type


Students submit their Figma file which includes each of the three widgets in their own frame and mocked up on the home screen. 


Apple Widget Guidelines


Widgets, like Apple Watch extensions, are still being imagined and reimagined. This exercise imagines how widgets can be presented on the lock and home screens.  

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