Typography as a Texture Field


Bethany Kviz/ Cloud Computing

Kayla Folino/ Gel Electrophoreisis

Brooke Seymour/ Subatomic Particles

Kathryn Kreuger/ Nanotechnology

Alexis Gundry/ Dark Matter

Duration: 2 weeks
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Project Brief

Using the ability of your digital type machine to create typographic “texture,” create a poster that uses letters to examine/promote/visualize the assigned topic.

Solutions should be purely typographic. You can use glyphs, ornaments, numbers, or any sort of character, but do not use images.

Learning Objectives

  • Force students to research an unfamiliar topic
  • Employ a typographic field to interpret what they find
  • Make it visually intriguing
  • In the name of stretching typographic practice and application


You can work in color. Size can vary, but should be 11\\\"x17\\\" maximum finished size (Tabloid size)


Do a little research so you know what you are talking about. Experimentation is more important than legibility.


The topic changes with each semester. Thus far have examined the molecular engineering, nanotechnology, radiation, bacteria, quantum computing, subatomic particles, and dark matter

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