ASU/JMU: Multi-Page Layout Magazine Design Project


Amber Hooks, Alabama State University, Graphic Design

Amber Hooks, Alabama State University, Graphic Design

Elisha Davis, Alabama State University, Graphic Design

Kelsey Stoneham, James Madison University, Graphic Design

Kelsey Stoneham, James Madison University, Graphic Design

Duration: 3 weeks
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Project Brief

For this assignment students design a multi-page document, in the form of a

magazine. The theme of the magazine can be anything of your choosing, however

the content must adhere to Alabama State University guidelines, as such your

design cannot contain any obscene or profane imagery. Otherwise, the topic/

theme is completely up to you. So begin by brainstorming the idea - what do I

want to dedicate my magazine to?

So - before you get to far into the design of the front/layouts for your

magazine, work up a short design brief - describing the type of magazine, the

intended audience, the overall aesthetic and vibe of the publication. After you've

pinpointed those elements, and committed them to paper, you're ready to proceed

to the process of creating thumbnails to visually conceptualize your design(s).

We will start by taking a look at your thumbnails and design briefs in class.

Learning Objectives

1. Create design consistencies across a multi-page layout

2. Employ the use of grids, guides, margins, columns, modules, etc. in a multipage


3. Use color systems, visual hierarchy


Create a magazine that both effectively and expressively showcases design

consistencies across multiple pages.

In your magazine layout, you must display:

1. Cover page - heading, photo, issue number, tag lines, date, price, bar code

2. Back cover - a full page advertisement

3. 20 page interior layout - define and use grid system across multiple pages

(include page numbers on interior pages, color code sections/articles/editorials in

the magazine.


The cover and name of the magazine inform the potential viewer about its contents. Students considered their audience as you

develop the aesthetic and content in your magazine.

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