Industry Mashup


Logo design by Jacob Johnston for mashup of Boeing and Baskin Robbins

Logo design by Jason Aguilar with slogan by Khalil Coleman for mashup of Exxon Mobil and Marc Jacobs design

Full-page magazine ad for Remarx. Model: Tori Hord (assistant professor at Methodist University). Team: Jason Aguilar, Khalil Coleman, Tony Taylor, and Kenlyn Glenn.

YouTube spot for Remarx. Team: Jason Aguilar, Khalil Coleman, Tony Taylor, and Kenlyn Glenn. Watch it here:

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Duration: 6 weeks
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Project Brief

This is a senior-level team project (usually 3-4 students). Draw two Fortune 100 business names from the box. Make sure they represent separate industries and redraw if necessary. The two companies will combine to create a new division that--based on the capabilities and expertise from each--will produce a new product or service. Students will individually research both company's history and directions, then present their findings. This discussion leads to a brainstorm process for possible directions for the new company.

Once decided, each student provides 25 possible names for the company. Voting narrows down to the best choice (making the project competitive), and then each team member comes up with possible slogans for the new company (again, competitive). After name and slogan are chosen, each student pursues identity designs (3 presented by each student). The best is chosen for each team by the art department faculty (not just the one instructor). 

Finally, the team discusses the target customer and comes up with the three best media for advertising. These should include two conventional methods (e.g., print advertising, website, etc.) and one unconventional/ambient promotion. The team works together on producing the three projects as if they are preparing to present the concepts to the board of the fictitious company.

There is an unlimited advertising budget for this fictitious proposal, so no limits on concepts.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn identity design, teamwork, and the competitive nature of project approvals. Students will have more research and writing in this project than in the past, and will have to present to the other teams and faculty ("the client").


Each student submits: 25 name possibilities, 10 slogans, 3 finished logos in both B&W and Pantones. The teams then each submit three finished projects incorporating the winning elements from the individual student projects just listed.


Graphic Design Solutions 6th Edition by Robin Landa (trademark search for assurance of unique company names) (search "ambient" within industry categories for inspiration) 


This works great and is a hit with the students. Some examples of the past company combinations: Boeing/Baskin Robbins, ExxonMobil/Marc Jacobs, Samsung/Patagonia. I enjoy the ambient portion; lots of unique directions. Some teams may be slower on the creative development end, so an effective division of students:teams is critical. The teams should also cover interests and talents in different areas so that each member brings something to the table.

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