Floral Typography + CODE


Eury Kim

Bevan Alomepe

Mo Chen

Lauren Chung

Claire Krieger

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Duration: 6 weeks
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Project Brief

Floral typography is a design trend that combines typography, calligraphy, and lettering with floral elements. Floral typography + CODE reinterprets it by using computation. The instruction was simple: create floral typography by using Processing. It was a six weeks class project from computational drawing, figurative drawings by computation, to generative typography. It is from the course, ART 568, Motion Typography, during fall 2019, in the Art department at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn how to create figurative drawings such as flowers in computation.
Students will learn how to embed floral elements into letterforms in computation. 
Students will learn how to make physical interaction with generative letterforms and typography.


Each student's work was extended to his or her own gallery plan with physical interaction such as sound and displayed at the exhibition, beyond print, at Gallery 7, Humanities building at the University of Wisconsin Madison in Dec 2019. It included typographic installation, mural typography, physical interaction design, computational literature, etc.


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It used diverse languages, including English, German, and Chinese, as well as special characters.

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