Chocolate Branding


Chido chocolate bar / hot chocolate packaging

Kurimi chocolate bar / hot chocolate packaging

Orka chocolate bar / hot chocolate packaging

Sot Honor chocolate bar / hot chocolate packaging

Sunaomi chocolate bar / hot chocolate packaging

Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

The prompt for this project was to choose a culture and design a chocolate brand based on language and symbolism from that culture. Students were tasked with

  • Researching visual motifs from another culture
  • Performing naming exercises
  • Designing a logo, type treatment, patterns and illustrations that were culturally reflective
  • Coming up with and naming three flavors of chocolate
  • Designing packaging for the three chocolate flavors in the forms of bar packaging and hot chocolate packaging

Learning Objectives

  1. Execute a full-scope branding project from naming to design to physical mockups
  2. Research and identify cultural iconography, lore and motifs
  3. Develop a brand name
  4. Design and apply a visual system to a multiple deliverables
  5. Modify a design system to be applied to variations and derivative products
  6. Create, stage and photograph high-fidelity mockups


  1. Name and logo design
  2. Packaging for three flavors of chocolate bars
  3. Packaging for three flavors of hot chocolate
  4. Full presentation documenting process and mockups



This was the first time I ran this project, and it honestly went far better than I had expected. As sophomores, the students were mentally prepared for the process and longevity of the process, and they enjoyed every step – from brainstorming names to staging and photographing their work. They also really seemed to enjoy their investigations of other cultures, of which they had varying degrees of familiarity. The most difficult piece of this for the students was the naming aspect, but we investigated various ways in which brand names can be developed and this was helpful. Once the students had their brand names picked, they felt a certain sense of relief. One of the reasons this assignment was successful is that I didn't assign a final due date until they were very deep into the process. I wanted them to become fully immersed in the process before deciding on an end date. They enjoyed the mockup process, as it got them off the computer, and they really shined when it came to staging and photographing the work.

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