App Design and App demo video


Kayce Patterson, Cosmo App—kids learning app

Jessica Dawson, My Zone app, location recommendation

Emma Heinz, Made App—Craft Workshop app

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Duration: 7 weeks
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Project Brief

Develop a concept for a commercially viable smartphone and/or tablet app. Emphasis is on the viability of the concept, the design of the interface, and the presentation of the idea as an animation. 

Learning Objectives

• Demonstrate basic technical skills combining and using SketchApp, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create UI/UX design.

• Demonstrate intermediate and advanced technical skills using industry standard software for web, animation, and/or multimedia

• Demonstrate an understanding of how to solve design and technical problems associated with interactive media

• Demonstrate the ability to independently acquire advanced knowledge of software techniques and apply the knowledge to design solutions


The presentation will be created using After Effects. The presentation should be created in a self-running presentation with animation and sound affects.


Overall, the assignment was successful. Due to time limit, students spent a majority of time on UI development, but not enough on UX wireframing, user flow and testing. 

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