Wanderer magazine


A B C D DD DDD. Kate Lavin, writer. Madeline Stoiber, designer and illustrator

LIPSTICK STAINS HISTORY. Kendra Brach, writer. Becca Tober, designer. Traci Heiberger, illustrator

LACKING COVERAGE. Madeline McQuillan, writer, designer and photographer. Robson Friend, editor

YOU CAN WANT IT ... BUT CAN YOU FLAUNT IT? Mari Hinchley, writer. Tyra Davis-Jenkis, designer

BE MINIMAL. Maria Efting, writer and photographer. Eden Bunna, designer

Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

Design a two-page spread for a magazine called Wanderer. Students from a reporting/writing course produce the stories that are assigned to the Visual Communication students who design the pages, working in collaboration.

Visual Communication students conceptualize the content, producing images, writing headlines and decks, creating graphics if necessary, taking photos and designing two pages, following a template.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze and critique print and web publication design.
  • Explore visual composition and graphic arts, including use of color, typography, illustration, photography and design
  • Illustrate and enhance information with graphic images such as charts, graphs and photography.
  • Design newspaper, magazine pages, and other graphic pieces with industry standard software.
  • Collaborate with students and faculty in news and information design projects


Two-page spreads that form a 36-page magazine. The number of pages depend on the number of students registered. In this issue, stories are about fashion issues and trends.


“White Space is Not Your Enemy: A Beginner’s Guide to Communicating through Graphic, Web and Multimedia Design” by Rebecca Hagen and Kim Golobinsky


This project needs very careful and constant supervision to assure that students from both courses are communicating and meet deadlines. The most positive outcome is that students get a portfolio piece, for writing and reporting or design for their portfolio. Also, the stories are published online on http://www.chicagotalks.org

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