Typeface design or designer’s poster


Chelsea Atienza

Kinsey Miller

Nina Nguyen

Ryan Powell

Jia Ou Wen

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Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

Students were asked to research a typeface and/or a designer. After learning about the subject, they had to write a blurb about what they found. Using that research as a reference, they had to design a poster promoting the designer and/or the typeface design. The poster's concept had to be based on the research. This is the first time these students printed in large format (18 x24). They also had to learn to use CMYK or Pantone Inks. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a designer and/or a typeface to research.
  • Identify the most important aspects of the research to include as content in the second part of this project.
  • Create a design based on the historical context of the designer and/or typeface.
  • Use a grid to create a composition and align the elements. 
  • Develop and apply principles of hierarchy in their design. 


18 x 24 poster and a process binder collecting their research, sketches, visual inspiration, all iterations, a copy of the final reduced to fit a 8.5 x 11 sheet, and a reflection. 


The project results were much more than what I had expected. The students, though nervous about the size, demonstrated how much they had learned about layout, design, use of the grid, type selection, use of color, and hierarchy throughout the semester. 

I deviated from the project's description significantly in order to simplify the project. The project asked for a two page paper reporting on their research. When I introduced the project, I felt that these were two different focus. So, I decided they will include the research on their binder and a short blurb. I thought that focusing on sketching for the poster would help them manage their energy and mental resources better. Being an introductory course, and one they need in order to apply to our design program, I felt it was best to keep less variables open. However, if teaching this in the more advanced classes, a paper would be required. 

I enjoyed the assignment because I could see the students thinking, exploring, tiling their paper to see their poster larger, assessing their use of hierarchy in critiques, etc.. Once they turned in their project, one could see their sense of pride and accomplishment. 

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