Type Specimen Book


Avenir Type Specimen Book by Hannah Ruberti. The concept is based on Charon, the largest of the five known natural satellites of the dwarf planet Pluto. Charon orbited the earth around the same time the typeface was created. Geometric shapes and space were utilized as the guiding principles in the overall compositions.

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Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

Design and produce a 40-page specimen book for a typeface. After selecting a typeface family, research the typeface designer and typeface applications. To develop a concept and theme for the book cross-reference design styles, art history, current events and trends in society, culture, and politics. Explore opportunities to contextualize your theme and the designer's work by considering biographical, literary, cultural and historical reference points to inform visual content and typographic interpretation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to generate concepts based on research.
  • Learn to apply concepts, both visually and typographically.
  • Apply design principles and elements to a long-format document.
  • Learn basic book-binding techniques.


  • 40-50-page Perfect Bound Book
  • Behance Presentation that includes 5 photos of the book and a design narrative.


Thinking with Type - Chapter 3 Grid


  • Provide ample time for concept development and discussion of ideas.
  • Include multiple due dates to keep the project on track over a few weeks time.


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