Type Mural


Student: Olivia Kattos
Course: Typography
Client: Sorrell College Idea Bank

Student: Collen Layton
Course: Typography
Client: Sorrell College Idea Bank

Student: Hannah Keiser
Course: Typography
Client: Sorrell College Idea Bank

Student: Dang Long
Course: Typography
Client: Sorrell College Idea Bank

Student: Carly Boyd
Course: Typography
Client: Sorrell College Idea Bank

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Duration: 3 weeks
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Project Brief

The Type Mural project, in this iteration, came to be from a partnership between the Sorrell College of Business and the Art & Design department. Sorrell recently launched its downtown Idea Bank facility. The IDEA Bank at Troy University serves as the collaborative environment for connecting students, faculty, businesses, community, alumni, and beyond - creating an environment where innovative ideas and expertise can be exchanged, creativity can be nurtured and entrepreneurial thought can develop.

The Type Mural project requires visiting and understanding the physical space surrounding the bank. Ultimately, these murals will be attached to the outside walls surrounding the facility and primarily serve as a visual communication tool to draw interest from the community. Your question to answer is, "how do I explain the Idea Bank and engage the local community simultaneously"?

Facility documentation through research photography
Type mural research - style, process, approach
Rapid Vis
Detailed Comps
Final Type Mural

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the role the Idea Bank plays in the community
  2. Understand how the local community currently engages with the facility from a travel standpoint
  3. Gain a strong understanding of successful type murals through research
  4. Learn about various approaches to the tactile approach of the medium
  5. Expand the significance of the facility through clear, yet creative, typography


  • 30 rough sketch ideas
  • 90-second video explaining the concept, research, and inspiration. 
  • One 1'x1' vector type mural saved as hi-res PDF



The student murals were widely accepted as a huge success and necessary artistic touch to allow the Idea Bank to stand out among its surroundings. College administrators, staff, faculty, students, and the community have all commented on the mural's overwhelming visual impact on downtown Troy, Alabama. Next time around I am thinking about making this a team project where Design students can collaborate with Business students in an interdisciplinary format. 

Chiefly, the project was a success for the students and it ended up being branded and marketed accordingly:


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