Type as Identity, Form and Pattern


Drew Scott

Carson Bourque

Skye Kossl

Lucero Leon

Jolina Limary

Duration: 3 weeks
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Project Brief

Part One: Develop a personal monogram as an introduction to logo development.

Part Two: Develop a pattern based upon your monogram. Apply your final 2-dimensional pattern to a box dieline and construct into a 3-dimensional form.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Symbols and Logos
  • Type as Form/Image
  • Refinement of Form
  • Figure/Ground Relationship - Gestalt
  • Contrast in Type Form
  • Developing complex patterns out of simple forms
  • Broader Understanding of Typographic Form
  • Analyzing Unique Type Form and Detail
  • Developing an Eye for "Good" Type
  • Understanding of Type Characteristics
  • Basic understanding of 3-D form and packaging


  • Monogram printed at 1" and 3" wide (b+w and color)
  • Box dieline file with pattern applied
  • Constructed 3-D box with pattern applied


Leading up to this project, students developed an in-depth understanding of type as form through in-class exercises and homework assignments. I believe that these assignments helped to develop their eye for form, by allowing them to experiment and learn before the project. This project allowed them to refine and apply what they had learned. I believe that without these pre-assignments, the results may not have been as successful.

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