Single-Frame Concert Poster


Jamie Ikeda

Alycia Jones

Dain Melton

Ryan Oakes

Kayce Tynan

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Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

Design a typographic concert poster using two contrasting type families within a single InDesign text frame.

Learning Objectives

Choosing + pairing typefaces, color theory, contrast + similarity, form + counterform, hierarchy, macro- + micro-aesthetics, modular grids, paragraph formatting + rules, proportional scale, rhythm and syntax.


indd and pdf files for a 15.5" x 22" poster.


Willi Kunz, Typography: Macro- + Micro-Aesthetics


Placing all of the text into a single text frame forces students to think carefully about their composition: alignments, measurements and negative spaces. They were also restricted from using multiple hidden characters (returns, tabs, word spaces, etc).

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