Packaging Design: “Fresty” packaged spiced buttermilk soda


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Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

To create a distinctive product for the FMCG product category, as well as a business plan and packaging design.

Learning Objectives

Product strategy is used to understand the process of building a business.
Developing a company's visual identity.
To come up with a novel solution to a problem.
To learn about various aspects of packaging such as structure, design, visual appeal, retail space display and stacking, and so on.


  • Business Model (Competitor Analysis, SWOT Analysis, USP, Target Audience, Market Research)
  • Design Strategy
  • Visual Moodboards
  • Brand Personality (Nomenclature)
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging (Structure, Labels, etc.)
  • Visual language


When developing a new product, learning more about market research is essential.
Investigating various packaging structures.
Improvements in 3D software skills.

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