Chida, A. 2019

Abadi, E. 2019

Studio time. GRAD601/2019

Some pinned work. GRAD601/2019

Cook, Y. 2019

Duration: 1 day
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Project Brief

Create a set of (at least three) new, non-existing glyphs/symbols from a set of supplied A3 printed latin characters.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate letterforms and characters.
  • Consider the relationship between sign, image, and type.
  • Learn about the anatomy of a typeface
  • Encourage to work in analog


The activity is a 90 minute class project and not graded. Students are expected to pin their analog glyphs on the studio/class walls, then briefly present them to their peers and chat about their process, the meaning or significance of the glyph. 


Students are encouraged to look at the work of:

  • El Lissitzky
  • Filippo Marinetti
  • Wolfgang Weingart
  • Harold Hollingsworth
  • Cecil Touchon


The Students usually end up creating more than three glyphs. Some would go on a tangent process of discovery on the counterforms (the white paper pieces lefte behind). The activity feeds into their future typographic projects. As an educator, you can see its effect in the students' future projects.

Sometimes students end up creating logos or personal emblems with their initials, Others who come from hybrid backgrounds try to bring two different languages together.

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