Music Festival Branding


Chelsea Rush / music festival branding

Daybreak / music festival branding

Sea Floor / music festival branding

On the Coast of Tomorrow / music festival branding

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Project Brief

This project was designed for students to create and brand a music festival using real or made-up artists in addition to choosing a location and dates. Students were tasked with

  • Naming and identifying a location for a music festival
  • Designing a type system
  • Creating imagery and visual concepts based on a musical genre or location
  • Expanding a brand identity into multiple deliverables
  • Documenting all process: Brainstorming, naming, poster sketches, type explorations

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop and execute a marketing communications campaign
  2. Research a musical genre and iconic location
  3. Design and apply a visual system to multiple deliverables
  4. Discover the different ways in which an event can be promoted
  5. Create digital mockups


  1. Music festival name
  2. Music festival poster
  3. Music festival lanyard
  4. Music festival social media post
  5. Presentation showing all process and final work



I began this project by introducing music festival branding and specifically focused on the work of Color Punch Creative, a studio whose clients are mainly music festival promoters. The poster is the classic and archetypal promotion vehicle for this type of work, but it made sense to identify other ways in which festivals are marketed. During design, the poster became the anchor for creating two other deliverables - an Instagram post and a lanyard. I think that in this day and age, it makes sense to treat the poster as much as a souvenir as a promo piece, and allow social media to handle much of the marketing lift. My hope for this project was that students would become deeply engaged because of their individual musical tastes, and they did. 

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