[insert movement or person name here] in El Paso: A History of Graphic Design Poster Project


Mariana Lopez shows a classic Southwest sunset in the painterly color lithographic style of E. McKnight Kauffer

Mariana Lopez makes references to El Paso icons with a Victorian Era typographic poster

Mariana Ramirez pays homage to former University president, Diana Natalicio, as well as Alphonse Mucha in this beautifully handcrafted design.

Kellie Newport references Saul Bass while featuring flora of El Paso's Chihuahuan Desert.

Claudia Mann references the crossing of one of our three international bridges to Juárez, El Paso's Mexican sister city, in this homage to Seymour Chwast's style.

Duration: 4 weeks
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Project Brief

This is from the assignment sheet given to the students, who will have just finished creating a fictitious history of graphic design museum exhibition catalog as their previous assignment of the semester...

As I pointed out with your previous catalog assignment, a part of being a good graphic designer has to do with your having a knowledge of what came before you...art history. For this assignment you will again select from the periods of art or people below. However, this time you will choose TWO instead of just one. These two will be DIFFERENT than what you chose for your previous catalog assignment. VERY DIFFERENT (in time period, style, etc.) So that your graduating portfolio  will look VARIED. You can use scanned images or create your own design that interprets the art movements or artists.

Again, please go to the library or Barnes & Noble (not just the internet, as you may need to scan images pertaining to your art movement/artist and internet images’ resolution quality will not be high enough for this project!) and research the
following art movements or artists. Familiarize yourself with your topics.

In order to complete this assignment, you must utilize the skills you have learned about designing with a GRID. Your
posters should show evidence of some kind of grid that is justified by the ideals or principles of the art movements or
artists. Your posters may be designed using any program (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, etc.). Make the movement relate to El Paso!!!! These are the specifics of what your poster must have:

·Poster final size must be 11” x 17” vertically or horizontally oriented, mounted on 13” x 19” black on black illustration board.

·It must state: [Name of art movement or artist] in El Paso, El Paso Museum of Art, August 22–December 5, 20xx (year you graduate). If you are choosing a movement, you may also include the names of artists’ who were part of that movement. It must show the vector image of the museum’s logo (as you did for the catalog back cover).

Artists/periods to choose from:

Art Deco

Arts & Crafts


Italian Futurism

Russian Constructivism

Victorian Era

Art Nouveau

1960s Psychedelic posters

Weiner Werkstätte

E. McKnight Kauffer

A. M. Cassandre

Pushpin Studios

Milton Glaser

Seymour Chwast

Laszlo Maholy-Nagy

Vienna Secession

the Beggarstaffs

Paul Rand

Saul Bass

Jan Tschichold

Herbert Matter

Tadanori Yokoo

The Glasgow School or (Charles Rennie Mackintosh)


De Stijl

The Bauhaus

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives here are not just to learn about even more people and movements from the history of design, but to emulate their styles convincingly. That is, taking on a style other than your own is sure to push you out of your comfort zone—the way you may normally default when creating design, when left to your own devices. Having this versatility, the ability to be somewhat of a chameleon, not tied to any one "look" is essential for a designer who needs to fulfill their client needs, whatever they may be, in whatever style that works best. 

Also, you are choosing two styles here different than that you did for your catalog so that the student design portfolio you graduate with will look varied and truly show your versatility as a designer, able to take on whatever a client may throw your way.


End result will be TWO, 11 x 17” posters due, mounted onto 13 x 19” black
illustration board (I will show in class).

THE TWO POSTERS DUE, mounted on 13” x 19” black ill. board, with a tracing paper cover sheet adhered with artist tape and a 5”W x 3”H card on back containing:

Your name
Your e-mail address
ARTG 3326
Graphic Design 4
Prof. Anne Giangiulio


Your required text for the course, Megg's History of Design, should be your first stop for research. From there, visit the UTEP Library for further, in depth resources on ALL of these topics listed in the assignment sheet.


This assignment is introduced with a Powerpoint that goes over each of these movements, from Victorian Era to the present day, to give students a quick taste of what these people and movements were trying to accomplish and what they look like.

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