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Duration: 2 weeks
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Project Brief

Pick one of the type-related statements provided and create a typographic T-shirt design that supports the meaning behind the statement. Try hand lettering and getting creative with how ornate and decorative you can make these words, this is an article of fashion after all. Besides, the class will vote and the winner gets their shirt design printed, so think about what kinds of type arrangements you think people would want to wear on their torsos.


Grading Criteria:

  • At least 20 layout sketches (20%)
  • Composition quality & creativity (30%)
  • Use of color (10%)
  • Creative use of typography to enhance the meaning (30%)
  • Critique participation (10%)

Learning Objectives

  • To practice creating typographic compositions that enhance the meaning and aesthetics of a piece of text.
  • To practice working through the creative process from brainstorming, sketching through to final design.
  • To practice working with color to support their composition.


  • At least 20 preliminary sketches
  • Final design laid out on a provided T-shirt template


    Originally I left the statement choice up to the student, but invariably they try and make up some kind of joke (usually a pun involving kern or comic sans) instead of actually researching quotes from other people. They end up spending too much time on trying to be funny, and not enough time analyzing the statement and figuring out how to typographically depict it… you know… the point of the assignment. 

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