Early Letterform


Shianne Yang. Early Letterform. Type studies.

Christal Reed. Early Letterform. Type studies.

Alexa Hernandez Lopez. Early Letterform. Type studies.

Emma Hicks. Early Letterform. Type studies.

Aida Alarcon. Early Letterform. Type studies.

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Duration: 3 weeks
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Project Brief

Originally created by the Cooper Union, I wanted to repurpose the project for our introductory graphic design course. This project was to help students review the design process, and revisit copywriting to producing a final design without the use of imagery.

Firstly, students had to pick a letter based on either Phoenician or Greek alphabets, write and proofread a 100-word paragraph, then design 3 distinct compositions that respectively explore symbol, display, and text type. These two-dimensional compositions needed to include all the text and explorations to multiple solutions were encouraged. Throughout the project, students were to only use one of these 5 classical typefaces that include Garamond, Baskerville, Bodoni, Century Expanded, or Helvetica.

Learning Objectives

This project was:

  • to help students review the design process
  • allow students to revisit copywriting to producing a final design.
  • challenge students to work within limitations (specifically with type and no imagery)


3 prints, trimmed to 10x10 inches.


Thinking with type


At first, students found this project difficult, as they were accustomed to working with both type and imagery. Their challenge was to think typographically, which prompted them to come up with intriguing compositions. Some even thought this method was a better way of exploring grids and visual hierarchy with type.

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