Classmate Logos


Abby McKnight

Jeffery Belfield

Marianna Smith

Yuzi Xu

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Duration: 3 weeks
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Project Brief

Design three logotypes for a fellow classmate. One that reflects their personality, another their heritage, and a third one their hobby. Pay special attention to typeface selection, pairing, arrangement, and color to help communicate your logotypes’ message.


Grading criteria:

  • How well suited are the typeface choices (40%)
  • How well does the arrangement support the logos (40%)
  • How well do the colors support the logos (10%)
  • At least 10 sketches for each logo (over 30 in total) (10%)

Learning Objectives

So you can practice selecting the appropriate typeface to communicate different messages, and explore combining color with an arrangement to support typeface choices.


3 pdf files, 1 for each logo.


This is usually popular with students as it helps them get to know their classmates as well as practice playing both client and vendor.

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