2032 Summer Olympics


Izzy Cruz | Mumbai 2032 Summer Olympics | Virginia Tech | Logo design

Izzy Cruz | Mumbai 2032 Summer Olympics | Virginia Tech | Style guide and Iconography

Izzy Cruz | Mumbai 2032 Summer Olympics | Virginia Tech | Ticket design

Izzy Cruz | Mumbai 2032 Summer Olympics | Virginia Tech | Deck pass design

Izzy Cruz | Mumbai 2032 Summer Olympics | Virginia Tech | Apparel design

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Project Brief

The summer Olympics exemplify the pinnacle of human athleticism, while bringing together athletes from 206 nations to a selected country. Every four-years, a selected country is host to over eleven-thousand competitors as they compete in 339 events in just over two-weeks. During this time, the host country's culture, creativity, technological achievements, and geographical beauty are on display to the world through festivities, mascots, various promotional materials, and branding. 

For this project, students are tasked with designing the brand elements for a 2032 Summer Olympic host city that's selected at random. The branding elements include the Olympic logo, icons for eight assigned sports, signage, and layouts for tickets, deck pass, and apparel. 

Learning Objectives

Students will thoroughly research their assigned country's culture, geography, iconography, and historical achievements that will aid in designing the brand language for their 2032 Summer Olympics. The research and style guide students develop will be stretched across various forms of medium and applications. Throughout the process, students will learn:

+ Different methods of research and how to apply it to design.
+ Logo design and how a mark responds to various medium, and how its approach can transfer to iconography.
+ Color theory and application
+ Brand Style Guides and how to present work to clients.


+ Students will create a 10 x 10 matrix that includes identifiers of the host country along one axis, and identifiers of the summer olympics along the other axis. 
+ Create a Behance layout that includes sections for the project's: Overview, Process, Logo and its grid structure, Color and Fonts, Sport icons, signage, and three mockups for the sport tickets, deck pass, and apparel. 


I initially assigned this as the final cumulative project in our sophomore-level's Introduction to Graphic Design course, but have since found that it can be taught in any course that integrates iconography, symbology, and branding. With that said, however, outcomes are best when students have a strong understanding of iconography, how design principles can be applied to iconography, branding and presentation. 

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