Johnathon Strube

Educator photo

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design in the School of the Arts at East Tennessee State University. My teaching approach is student-centered and focuses on developing individual designer agency. One where students can find a specific relationship to their work and practice. I work with students to identify: what they are curious about; why they believe specific problems are worth solving; who they want to collaborate or work with; and, how they can use visual communication to elevate and shape their culture. With all topics, I focus on a design process that translates across medium and application. I emphasize the development of intellectual empathy, investigative research, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, conceptual integrity, aesthetic courage, and solutions that seek appropriate, human-centered results. I ask all students to inject this process with their own personal experience, with the intent of the student learning to become a design practitioner and not merely a service provider. I work alongside and guide students in developing their own creative process that can transcend the classroom and lead to personal fulfillment and professional success.