Alireza Vaziri Rahimi

Educator photo

I believe Design is a way of changing the world to be a better place. A better world may have a different definition for different people: perhaps an ergonomic chair or an Interface for a pioneer application, each can make one’s world a better place to live in. Over a decade of national and international professional and academic experience has equipped me with extensive collaborative skills and creative methods in Visual Communication Design. Being exposed to utmost sophistication revealed the power of simplicity to me which has enabled me to efficiently apply it in leading the creative processes and organizing the ideation and implementation of design projects. As a designer, my greatest passion is to view and visualize the depth of a phenomenon beyond its existence. In this journey, I welcome challenges and mainly confronting the inner voices telling me “just mind yourself.” As per the legendary Persian poet, Rumi said: “I came to you without ‘me,’ so come to me without ‘you’.”   Assistant Professor- Graphic Design / University of Texas, El Paso, USA MFA in Design / 2019 - 2021 / University of California, Davis, USA BFA in Stage Design / 2006 - 2011 / Tehran University of Art, Tehran, Iran